About The Green Life - Changing Lifestyles, Saving the Planet
The Green Life is an eco-conscious company that understands the fact that healthy living will remain only a pipe dream for as long as our planet is unhealthy. This is why our comprehensive range of quality products isn’t just beneficial to health, but environmentally friendly to aid the conservation of our planet. Our eco-friendly products range from health supplements to household items catering to all your daily needs, with each product line a result of specific expertise.

Together, We Can Make a Difference

Our planet needs us.

It is imperative for us to consider the everyday products that we use as they greatly affect our environmental conditions. It’s our duty to protect our planet and TGL has taken the initiative to provide the people with an eco-friendly platform, tackling global warming and sustaining environmental protection in our own unique ways.

Every Little Thing Goes a Long Way

To attain both healthy yet eco-friendly quality products, TGL makessure that every aspect involved is kind to the environment, from product materials, production to product packaging.

In order to achieve this goal, TGL has redesigned all product packaging, hoping to give the products more environmentally friendly benefits. For the choice of raw materials, TGL will give priority to the use of sandalwood as a raw material for its products.

Our Promises, Our Integrity

The Green Life is committed to its promise of delivering environmentally friendly products at affordable prices without compromising on quality and functionality. TGL’s green living concept is one that involves a green consumercommunity creating environmental awareness through the mode of sharing andincentives, gathering family and friends to participate in this green cause fora better and greener future.

We aim to achieve the following goals:

  1. We believe going green and environmental conservation is a continuous and sustainable effort, not a one-off attempt.Therefore, to make this green lifestyle a reality, we need an ongoing contribution from the public. We encourage people to commit to this eco-friendly cause to foster a green mentality.

  2. We want to build a loyal community of green individuals who are willing to make a change in their lifestyle to help theenvironment.

  3. We offer a wide range of green daily products,in the hope of encouraging people to live green and to promote better convenience when replenishing.

  4. By having a large community, we can estimate bigger volume, which enables us to offer high quality eco-friendly products at more attractive prices.

  5. We provide the environmental platform to helpindividuals reduce their environmental footprints and pollution in daily life.

We aim to help the public realize the importance of going green and leading the eco lifestyle.

September 9, 2018

The Launch of Essando Skincare Products

With the union of the finest natural ingredients and sandalwood oil, Essando line of skincare products is the epitome of beauty, class, and calibre that caters for personal care, grooming, and skincare. Renowned for its exclusivity and purity,sandalwood oil works seamlessly with our natural ingredients to elevate your senses, rejuvenate your body and transport you to a world of calm, serenity and peace.

September 9, 2018

The Green World Carnival 2018: At the Heart of the Future

As the annual grand event, The Green World Carnival 2018 will be celebrating the spirit of eco-friendliness together with green warriors from around the world. The event will feature a battleground fun run, a green forum,awards presentation, plantation visit and other fun-filled activities!

As an eco-friendly platform, TGL is committed to spreading a greater awareness of environmental issues happening today. By joining forces with eco-friendly NGO, The Green World, TGL has contributed to various events and activities aimed to highlight critical issues and shine a light on necessary preventive measures we can all take to reduce Mother Nature’s suffering.

Join us as a member today to receive updates on any future events and activities.

The Green World Run 2015 (29 Nov 2015)

Sponsored by The Green Life, this eco-friendly event aimed to protect the Earth and create a greater awareness of the environmental issues happening today. THE GREEN WORLD RUN was held on Sunday, November 29, 2015 and featured a 5km run.The event was an important one as it commemorated the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference held in Paris, France. It was also a prime opportunity to take a closer look at the serious issues we're facing and the solutions we needed to alleviate them. Ultimately, we hoped to encourage the public to walk, bike, and carpool or take transit to get to one of your regular destinations each week to cut down carbon footprints.